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My brother Casey and his friend Kent recently began brewing their own beer. On Friday before Easter I went over to Casey’s house where him, Kent, and my dad were cooking up a tasty beverage. A handful of my friends have gotten into homebrewing but I had never watched the process until now. I tasted two of Casey and Kent’s earlier batches, both of which turned out pretty darn yummy.

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nothing teaser

mind trekking

That’s pretty much what I looked like the entire time I was in Tennessee back in March, just divided by three. A brief trip, we hopped on the bus at 5am on Monday and got back at 8am Friday, and my main priority was to document what these dudes and dudettes are doing. Well, they’re doing some really cool stuff. Demonstrating science to kids in a way that they eat it up and scream for more.

I fear that mainstream media doesn’t glorify scientists and engineers the way it should, the way they deserve, and that the lack of positive representation in these fields that are essential to societal progress will result in a smaller group of individuals from our next generation interested in pursuing those careers. Whether or not there’s any merit to that, MINDTREKKERS is trying to make sure it doesn’t happen. While we will never know for certain if MINDTREKKERS turns any of these kids toward a technical or scientific career, at least they get them thinking and give them a newfound appreciation and understanding that they may have never acquired otherwise.

Sometime in the next couple of weeks you’ll see a video with most of these demonstrations shown. For now, scroll down and get an idea of how much fun these homies are, and how important what they’re doing is.

Learn more about MINDTREKKERS.

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fork mountain

North west view from the ORAU.

Met a woman today who moved to Oak Ridge with her husband during the bomb development, he was one of the scientists who moved to work at the facility, and she was one of the original program directors for the ORAU (where we’re demonstrating) when it started in the 40s. It was difficult for us to talk with her hard hearing, so I didn’t ask much. She was one of our volunteers for the day but clearly in no physical condition to be very mobile or active. Sitting in a chair for a couple of hours next to one of the tables, watching her enjoy all of the kids engaging in and learning from MINDTREKKERS’ scientific demonstrations was inspiring, joyful, and emotional – to say the least.


oak ridge

I’m in Oak Ridge, TN filming a group of MTU students demonstrate science to schools and VPs (of something), Oak Ridge employee’s and families, and local children.

M.J.H.G production stills

production stills from my upcoming short film, M.J.H.G

brother john b.